Current craft projects

This blog has been sitting dormant for a little while, so naturally, with many craft projects on the go, alongside changing jobs, finishing redecorating our dining room and Christmas approaching and all of the usual day-to-day stuff it seemed like the perfect time to start blogging about all this fun stuff!!

So, here’s a list of the current craft projects on the go.  Hopefully I’ll post more detail on each of these over the next few weeks.  Some haven’t technically started yet but if the idea is in my head then I’m counting it as it needs to be starting soon!!  Here goes:

  • Norwegian star hat – for me! I bought the wool for this on the mini-moon we had in New York in March 2010 so it’s been waiting a while!  Update:  Finished this on 10th February
  • Purple and green granny square blanket for the study.  This is underway but was on hold pending buying more purple wool which I did today so I can get going with this again at will.  Update:  This has grown and is now a small, but useable size but I will keep this on the go for a bit longer as there’s plenty of wool left.
  • Baby mittens to go with baby hat for an old school friend.  Hat done, will do mittens whilst watching TV sometime soon.  Update:  Mittens completed but baby arrived a little early, so no hat: /
  • Knitted cushions for the dining room.  Wool has been dispatched so this will move up the priority list once the wool arrives.Update:  31/12/11 – One down, second one started!  Another update – all three finished, just waiting for buttons!  Last update – all finished 13th Jan 🙂
  • Thrummed mittens for Little Sunts for Christmas. Must start these soon but can’t really be bothered to make the thrums!  Yay! Made in time for Christmas!
  • Traditional tea cosy for Mr.JenkinSunts’ parents for Christmas.  I already knit them this tea cosy but it was only my second ever knitting project and isn’t holding up too well.  Fingers crossed the second one will do better!  Update:  Didn’t get this done for Crimbo but hoping I can do it as a wedding anniversary present so I have until the end of January!  25th May – anniversary was at the end of Jan and this is about 4 rows long now. FAIL.
  • Hat for Little Sunts.  She lost her last one when we shopping at the weekend.  No idea when I’m going to start this, let along finish it!  I haven’t actually done this but she got one fro Christmas so I’m not sure a new one is needed….
  • Embroidery hoop set for the staircase.  One down, two to go.  the next two hoops were purchased today so I just need more aida now.  No rush for this one though!  Update:  Finished these 🙂
  • Spotty top.  This poor project has been on the go for a LONG time, mostly due to my lack of working sewing machine.  Hopefully Father Christmas (or Mr.JenkinSunts) will come to my rescue.  Update:  I now have a sewing machine so the excuses are fewer on this one so hopefully I will make some headway soon
  • New Zealand megamoon scrapbook.  Some progress has been made on this.  Just not very much and it’s been over a year now.  I will finish it one day!!!

I have to say that the list is actually shorter than I thought – woop.  I just need to try to squeeze some of that in between football and hockey tomorrow evening, and my leaving do and Braking Dawn at midnight on Thursday and piano practice before my next lesson on Friday…..

At least with reading I can do this at work during my lunch break.  I’m currently reading “Shades of Grey” by Jasper Fforde.  This is a slight departure from the bulk of my fantasy reading of late but I’m really enjoying it so far.  I’ll have to crack on with the reading too as I’ve also just bought Inheritance – the fourth and final instalment of the Inheritance Cycle and I’m quite excited to start it!!  I read Eragon, Eldest and Brisingr on the megamoon in New Zealand so I’m sure that reading this will bring back a ton of other wonderful memories. Check out my megamoon blog if you want to catch up on that though!


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