A day of mixed emotions

Today was my penultimate day in my current job and I started to get very scared about the prospect of leaving lots of really good friends, the daunting prospect of making new friends and knowing nothing about what I’m supposed to know things about!  I was even a little tearful when I was telling Mr.JenkinSunts that I’d be really emotional tomorrow so I suspect there will be some tears.  Embarrassing!

In other news, the dining room is coming along very nicely now and I really like the floor we chose.  There’s still quite a lot to do, especially glossing – yuk, but the table and chairs are back in and we can now use the room normally – hoorah!!

Whilst the joiner was finishing off I managed a little bit of crochet too.  I have had to start on some new purple wool which isn’t quite the same shade as the other purple but it still looks nice.  Check it out:

But, it’s 10.45pm now and I still haven’t showered after hockey (my half of the team lost 9-7 tonight – boo) although I don’t feel like I ran around all that much so I’m probably not even that sweaty.  Especially compared to Mr.J who has done loads of cleaning up and painting and hoovering whilst I was out to get all the house straightened up.  He is quite handy to have around at times.

I wont be posting or crafting tomorrow as it’s my leaving do and then TWILIGHT BREAKING DAWN AT MIDNIGHT!!!! So excited……!!

PS: Also really need to shower so I can sort my hair out as I’m totally not loving my new hair cut.  I look like this now, minus the fringe though:



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