Embroidery hoop – part one

Whilst I’m waiting for the joiner to arrive I thought I’d use my spare 15 minutes to show the first installment of my embroidery hoop project.  The inspiration for this came from a few lovely sellers on Etsy, especially this lady who has some very pretty things in her shop, and happened after I’d been to some friends for dinner and board games (really, I will post about all the board game fun soon!) and was incredibly jealous of their wonderfully decorated home.

I decided that I wanted to brighten up the stair case and that a trio of personalised, hand made embroidery hoops was the answer.  I delved into the button and craft drawer (honestly, it’s actually very small!) and found the selection of purple and blue buttons I’d set aside for making a brooch.  Well, as with many of my craft ideas, the brooch hadn’t got very far – 2 unsuccessful attempts before it was hidden away so I tipped the buttons out on the desk and started to move them around on my piece of paper with a circle drawn on.

It didn’t take long before I had something resembling a bass clef and voila! my idea was born!  For the second hoop, the plan is to use some silver sequins to make a treble clef and some black, glittery embroidery cotton to sew on some stave lines.  For the third hoop, I’m going to sew this quote “Without music, life would be a mistake”.  I should really have written down who said that when I jotted it down but I didn’t.  I’m sure some Googling will reveal all.

Anyway, here’s part one of the trilogy:



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