Flexi Friday

Today I was lucky enough to have the day off from work to use up some of the flexi time I have accrued in recent weeks.  It was much needed after my late night at the cinema last night too.  I did not sleep well at all after I got in either so it was with little joy that I got up and got dressed for my piano lesson at an astonishingly early 10.30am.  Thanks to the fact that the car was in the garage I had to get the tram and then walk but I think the fresh air perked me up somewhat.  I was a little bit early so I was able to stroll through the Botanical Gardens which always makes me happy.  We got married in the pavilion there so whenever I visit I think back to our wonderful wedding day 🙂

The pieces I played in my piano lesson this week were Schumann’s “Little Piece”, which apart from learning the second half of the piece, I need to work on my phrasing (still!) and also to play the right hand louder than the left hand.  I always find this very difficult.  My second piece this week was from my jazz book.  I really didn’t get on with the jazz piece I started in my last lesson so I moved onto “Songbird”.  For this piece I need to do some exercises playing thirds, especially making sure they are held and flow into the next notes rather than playing staccato.  I also need to really try hard to play the left hand without looking.  Again, this is always something I find tricky!!

I’ve still got some work to do on Good King Wenceslas – again, working on playing the left hand without peeking down and also on maintaining the left hand in a fixed position rather than rotating around the centre of the arpeggio.  I also made a start on Jingle Bell Rocks and the same stuff all applies too – the left hand is really similar so it’s about not looking and keeping a fixed position or getting into the regular 5 finger position and not peeking!!

I also did a little duet of Silent Night which I enjoyed.  Doing a quick duet at the end of the lesson is a really fun way for me to end my lessons and a really good sight reading exercise.  I get to play the treble clef parts usually and my teacher is great as she picks out pieces within my ability, which usually means that both my hands do the same thing at the same time!  I’ve certainly got plenty to keep my busy for the next two weeks before my next lesson anyway.

After I returned home from my piano lesson I didn’t do too much really.  I picked up my crochet and did a little whilst a friend joined me for a cup of tea and I was also lucky enough to have a now former colleague pop in with some delicious Lindt chocolates and her beautiful 6 month old daughter Sophie for a little while.  I started to read a bit more of “Shades of Grey” but have to admit I nodded off for a nap for a couple of hours this evening.

Mr.J’s parents are visiting this weekend so we’ll have to get our weekly food shopping done tomorrow morning before they arrive so it will certainly be an early night for me.  I’m hoping that the wool I ordered for the dining room curtains might arrive tomorrow so that I can make a start on those as they shouldn’t take too long at all.


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