I’ve got the “schooly woolies”. This is the term me and Mr.J use to describe the jittery, butterflies-in-my-tummy, feeling one often gets late on a Sunday night before going back to school. I guess it’s pre-new job jitters.

But, aside from the schooly woolies, it’s been a great weekend. Mr.J’s parents visited this weekend and I spent the afternoon shopping with my Mrs.J whilst my Mr.J went to watch the football with Mr.J senior. I made chicken cacciatore and fruit crumble and it all seemed to go down well 🙂 We played Qwirkle (I won-woop!) before watching Match of the Day. My team (Rovers) cheated their way to a futile draw which won’t save us from relegation anyway. Disappointing.

The wool for the dining room curtains arrived on Saturday morning so I’ve made a start on the sky blue cushion. I’m using 8mm needles and after a false start, cast on 40 stitches. I’m doing this one in garter stitch but I’m already annoyed as it looks like I’ll need more wool than I bought 😦

Today we went to Wentworth Castle Gardens and it was only after we arrived that I realised I’d been there before when I ran a 10K for charity. It was really misty but we had a lovely stroll and I enjoyed seeing the deer. Mr.J took some photos so hopefully once he’s sorted them out I’ll share then with you. It’s almost 11pm though so I must stop frantically writing this post on my phone and catch some zzzz’s. Netball tomorrow evening but hopefully I’ll have chance to write a proper post on Tuesday.



    1. I can think of 2 explanations for this. 1) I must sub-consciously want knitted curtains or 2) I am bad at typing and iPhone autocorrect kicked in!

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