Monday, Tuesday, Happy Days!

Monday was the first day in my new job and I think it went pretty well.  My new manager seems really nice and spent a lot of time talking me through what might be coming my way and all the complexity of the area I’m working in.  It is pretty complicated indeed and I know it’s going to take me a while to get to grips with all the nuances and detail needed. Hopefully my savant-like memory will come in handy for once, rather than simply making me seem strange!  My new office building is rather swish though so that’s a bonus.

I had netball last night so there wasn’t much time for any other activities as it was an 8pm game so that just wipes out most of the time afterwards by the time I’ve got home and showered.  We were playing a team who got promoted with us last season, and who thrashed us 26-2 in our last game against them last season so we weren’t very optimistic. It also got worse when we found out someone couldn’t make it so we were down to 6 people.  I was down to play Goal Keeper for the first half and then Goal Defence for the second half.

Although I was awarded MVP (Most Valuable Player, eg: losing team’s woman of the match) playing GK last week I wasn’t enthralled at the prospect of playing GK again this week as it’s really not my favourite position.  I hate being restricted to just one third of the pitch – I just want to push up and get more involved in the game and run around!  Naturally, we were losing at half time but we swapped positions around anyway and I definitely enjoyed the greater freedom of GD.  But, the lady I was marking was simply awesome.  Her footwork was like the players i’ve watched occasionally on TV.  For a novice like me, it completely looked like her feet were moving as she was throwing the ball but clearly she was just sublimely good and throwing and then moving her feet very close together.  We lost 25-14 in the end so we got a point for being within half the winning score  so it could have been worse with just 6 players.  I’d give myself 5 out of 10 though as I just didn’t do too much at GK and definitely thought there was room for improvement on my part.  No game next week but I might start some kind of scoring chart so watch this space!!

As my line manager is based in London, I was on my own today at work but had plenty to be getting on with.  I really like the instant messenger system at work as it makes it much less formal to chat with colleagues and removes all the necessary pleasantries so it’s much quicker to chat across sites.  I think I made a teeny bit of progress with the work and also in understanding some of the complexities of the policy area too.

Tuesday’s are my activity-free day of the week so I try to make a bit more effort with the evening meal.  Tonight’s offering was spicy meatballs but I just do the meatball mix and cook spaghetti.  Pretty yum and very filling!

After posting this, it’s time to pu the washing out and then do some piano practise and maybe some reading if I get chance so I better crack on….


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