Mid-week Double Header

Wednesday evenings activity is usually hockey – not ice hockey, field hockey.  Like this but at a much much lower standard!

Sometimes it’s also 6-a-side football with some former work mates on Wednesday’s.  It’s a bit of a tight turnaround as football is 5-6pm, then I have to get home and eat and be ready to leave for hockey by 7.45pm at the latest.

At the moment, I’ve just scoffed my tea (frozen pizza and salad; a frequently had meal for such short times to cook and eat) and I’m sat in my football clothes posting this!

I really enjoyed football this week.  I usually play in defence somewhere and occasionally push up into midfield but today I seemed to play more in midfield, pushing up front and dropping back into defensive positions.  My team (the bib team) took an early lead through a lucky own goal but were punished soon afterwards and despite the flow of play being fairly even, we were down 4-1 with just over 25 minutes to go.  i’m not sure how but we got it back to 4-2, but then a piece of great skill from the opposition saw them get back their 2 goal cushion after they lobbed our keeper.  That’s quite an achievement with the small height of the 6-a-side nets.

But, our resilience and determination paid off as we got it back to 5 all with just over 10 minutes to go.  I scored a really jammy goal – although the non-bib team claim all of the ball did not cross the line but I honestly think that it did!  But with 5 minutes to go, Mr.J smashed one home to secure the victory anyway!!  7-5 or 7-5 if you don’t allow my goal!!  Woooooooooo.  I rated my performance as 8 out of 10 (based on my own PB as a 10) but Mr.J only gave me 7.5 out of 10 though but I think my lower score may be because I irritated him with all my shouting.  It was meant to be encouraging but I don’t think he always sees it that way.

I’m not a very skillful player at most of the sports that I play really.  I’m not trying to be self deprecating as I know where my strengths lie.  What I’m good at is a) running around, b) running around and c) not giving up!!

Sometimes I am better at controlling the ball than other times, or my vision for a pass or accuracy is good, but sometimes my passing is abysmal, or I’m completely clumsy and I give away a ton of fouls and on the majority of occasions I don’t manage to be at my best in all aspects of whichever sport but I think that as long as you keep going, keep trying and keep running then you’ll be OK! I’ve said this for a while but I’m going to be pooped when I can’t run as fast anymore, as even when I played mixed sports like football and hockey I always manage to keep up with most of the men most of the time.

I think the reason why I find playing GK at netball so annoying is that you can’t make up for letting goals in as you’re stuck in one third.  Whereas in football or hockey, if I make a mistake and let a goal in, I can do my best to make a killer pass, or score a goal or to run the length of the pitch to create space for another player.  Something!  I think I may have done a bit too much running around at football though as I don’t think there’s much left in the tank for hockey so I’ll have to try and be more skillful than usual and make sure that I get some good tackles in and some accurate passes.  Hrm, sorry hockey people on my team tonight….

Update:  Just back from hockey.  Had an awful game, along with the rest of my half of the team. Nothing went right for us and the other half all played well and had a bit of luck so it quickly became very frustrating.  I’m going to give myself 1 out of 10.  I didn’t even get warm enough to take off my tracksuit bottoms and I’m only giving myself 1 point as towards the end I made a decent tackle on someone purely because I didn’t give up and I tried my absolute hardest to keep up with them.  Bath and bed for me now.


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