Lazy Autumn day….

Since my last post, crafting activities have been very minimal.  I played football on Thursday but it was pretty lack-luster as I still felt very lethargic and it was chilly!  I gave myself a measly 4 out of 10.  Friday evening was mostly spent amongst friends doing karaoke as a birthday celebration.  I think everyone has an awesome time, and as part of Movember, almost everyone donned a ‘tache of some kind.  Mine was drawn on by the host using eye liner and had to be hastily removed before I departed to catch the last tram home!  I sound somewhat husky this morning after all the singing though.

Once again Mr.J proved his worth by getting up to feed Lyra and allow me to sleep in this morning. Incidentally, Lyra has altered her usual winter sleeping pattern and rather than trying to sleep on me, which although is warm inevitably led to numb limbs and difficulty breathing, she has decided to share my pillow with me.  I don’t mind though.  He also hoovered up and put the washing to dry whilst I watched Saturday kitchen and had toast and a coffee.

It’s a very wet and windy day here today so I haven’t ventured out at all and even more lazily I’m cemented myself on the sofa with Shades of Grey (I’ve naughtily been reading Inheritance on my phone a lot) and my crochet at hand whilst getting more depressed by Blackburn Rovers’ atrocious performances on the pitch.  I switched off after we conceded the second goal today and watched House 😦

Tomorrow we’re meeting up with some friends at Ladybower reservoir to go for a walk and have a late lunch at a pub nearby.  I hope the weather improves a little though, especially as it may present a good photography opportunity if the sky is less flat.  I had the best intention of making chocolate brownies tomorrow to take into work but completely forgot to buy any ingredients at the supermarket so that will have to wait until another time. For now, it’s back to my book and time for a cup of earl grey.

Update:  Just spent the last 45min to an hour doing some piano practice, and at the end went back to a piece I finished a few weeks ago.  I thought I’d see if anyone had put a video on youtube to see how it should sound when played perfectly and was then most depressed to see that most of the videos on youtube were of children under 7 playing it!!  This little girl was my favourite though as I thought a lot of the others played it too fast (and made mistakes!).


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