A blustery day

Today we met up with some good friends we’ve not seen for a while at Ladybower Reservoir to go for a walk and have a late lunch at a nearby pub.  The weather was a lot better than yesterday, with clearer skies and no rain but it sounded very windy last night so I’d packed a hat and gloves along with a flask and some chocolate biscuits.  We set off up the hill but as we started to climb it started to get windier and windier.  I can honestly say that I have never walked in such strong winds!!  I just had a quick look at the Met office site and according to this, High Bradfield, which isn’t that far away had winds of up to 75mph!!

At times, I was blown to the side and into the low bushes and I couldn’t get back up.  I had to keep my hands on my hat to stop it blowing off and at one point I even found it a little difficult to catch my breath as it was just so windy.  Occasionally, it would blow from behind you so you got a helping hand but most of the time it was a sideways wind.  At one point when there was a noticeable break in the wind, all four of us ran along the ridge hunched over lto stay as low as possible.  It was a lot of fun!!!

(I'm the one on the right)

Mr.J managed to take some photos too – quite an achievement given the wind (I’ll hopefully post a couple once he’s had chance to upload and process them.  Update: check them out here).  I think the camera strap kept blowing and whipping him in the face and I’ll be very surprised if he doesn’t have rosy cheeks from wind burn soon.  Once we’d got to the top and were heading around the second half of the loop, we were nowhere near as exposed and it was much, much calmer!  This is the route we did – just over 4 miles so it didn’t take very long and the views on the way up were pretty good (when my hair wasn’t blowing in my face and I could see!!).

I had a scrumptious roast dinner for lunch AND bakewell pudding with custard afterwards so I’m stuffed now.  It was also fab to catch up with our friends as we haven’t met up for a few months and there was a lot to catch up on so in between catching our breath from walking and eating there was a lot of chatting going on!

Right now, we’re back home and enjoying a hot drink on the sofa.  Mr. J is watching Liverpool v Man City so I think the next 2 hours could get quite tense….


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