Mid-week catch up

On Tuesday we watched Senna – a film about the career of Formula 1 driver, Ayrton Senna.  I really enjoyed the film as so much of the material was new to me, as the first F1 season that I really remember is the 1994 season when Ayrton Senna died.  I remember finding out that he’d died and remember being completely shocked.  I was 10 at the time and on a school trip to Somerset when I saw the headline on the back of Mr.Lion’s newspaper on the Monday after the accident had happened.  I don’t think I’d even seen any of the footage of the accident until I saw the film; as well as being away from home, my Nanna was also very poorly at the time so I doubt it was anything my family would have been interested in watching again.

Crafting activities have once again been fairly minimal and I’m starting to get a bit worried for some of the intended Christmas gifts…. I need to order more wool for the dining room cushions as unfortunately one ball of yarn is only just going to cover one side of the cushions too :/ 

Piano practise has been going OK.  I think I’ve pretty much sorted Good King Wenceslas now and am very content that my left hand position is staying fixed but I really need to tighten up the second half of Little Piece and restrict my practise on Songbird to one small section.  I keep aiming to do that and then once I start I keep ploughing through and I know that’s not helping all that much.  Thursday night’s are usually cramming night (before my Friday lesson) so hopefully I’ll manage a good 45 minutes tonight.

It was hockey last night and I was much happier with my performance.  After some internal debate I gave myself 7 out of 10.  I’d put the performance on a par with my 8 out of 10 for football last week but since I am rating myself with 10 as my own PB, and I think I am a bit better at hockey than football, I opted for a 7.  I had a really solid game, with accurate passes and some good crosses and through balls for the strikers but I think my defending could have been better.  It’s football tonight so I’ll comment back on there with my footie rating.  I’ll get my excuses in now though and state for the record that I’m properly bunged up!!

I also wore Trixy’s heart rate monitor last night as I was a) intrigued what my resting heart beat was (disappointingly, only about 65) and b) wondered what my maximum heart rate would be during sports.  It got up to 188 which isn’t bad as I think it should be somewhere in the region of 185-190, depending on how you calculate it.  And, I don’t remember feeling like I might collapse at any moment so I feel like I could have sustained that for longer if needed.  I’d be interested to see what it was like during constant running rather than a team sport though.  I’m a little bit tempted to get one which can connect to a computer as I’d like to see the data on a chart so I could see the peaks and see how long it took to return to a resting level, etc.  I imagine that a monitor with such features might be a little costly, especially since it would only be satisfy my curiosity…

Update:  Football was OK, if a little cold.  I got a little bit annoyed because one of my team just did not pass to me.  I thought this was because I was a girl but having grumbled to one of the players on the other team, it seems he just doesn’t really pass much at all.  However, he annoyed me and I was more determined to do well to show I wasn’t rubbish because I was a girl, and I made a few good challenges and interceptions so overall I was fairly content with my performance so I’m going to give myself 7 out of 10.

I was very good and despite leaving it until about 9.30pm did a good 45 minutes of piano last night so hopefully my lesson will go well today.  I don’t think I’ll do anything new this weekk – it will just be consolidating and improving on the pieces I’ve been doing.


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