The weekend so far…

I left work on Friday on a positive note, having had something to do for most of the day and something to keep going with on Monday which is nice.  I can’t believe 2 weeks have gone already though.  I will have to ask Father Christmas for a Time Turner again and keep my fingers crossed I think.  One thing I have asked for is for Mr.J not to rub it in when his football team (Liverpool) beat my team (Blackburn Rovers) on Boxing Day but I’m sure I’ll get back to this nearer the time!

My piano lesson was OK on Friday.  I was a bit nervous as littlesunts was in the other room so I felt more under pressure.  Key things for this week are to practise much more slowly and to work on making the left hand happen automatically.  The thing I find most frustrating though is when I play a piece fine all week at home and then go to pieces in my lesson but it does usually help to get some extra tips and pointers from my teacher when it does all go wrong!

Last night me, littlesunts and Trixy played the board game Pointless.  It was a little bit complicated to get going but we all really enjoyed it, myself especially as I won and got to keep the trophy! It may be another piece of data for my enjoyment versus winning theory.  I should also take this opportunity to apologise to littlesunts as I did throw a pencil at her head when I thought she was robbing me of my victory.  Sorry.

Today littlesunts and I had the boring task of food shopping.  It was quite hard work to think of “filling and healthy” foods for our meal plan for the weekend but we’ve done OK I think.  Naughtily, we are having chinese takeaway tonight but tomorrow lunch is jacket potatoes and our evening meal is spiced chicken balti which has quinoa in.  After lunch today we went into town, mostly just to have a wander about really, but I was a little bit reluctant to go as it was drizzly and given the fact that it’s December everyone else was out to buy Christmas gifts…. It was pretty busy indeed but we survived.

On the way back to the car, I spotted a traffic warden lurking near a car… bad times.  But, since I got a parking ticket last year and that it’s getting nearer to the so called season of good will, I decided to ask the traffic warden if I could get a ticket on behalf of the car.  After a minute or so of slightly confused conversation, the owner of the car arrived so she was spared the ticket by my delaying tactics!  She was so relieved and grateful and started to cry and told me and littlesunts that her daughter had just had a baby and it only weight 1 lb 10 oz and she gave me a hug.  I was very pleased that my attempted act of good will saved her from having one extra rubbish thing to deal with at what must be a really stressful time.

I might start believing in karma after this too as Blackburn Rovers finally managed to win!!!!!  Hoorah!  4-2 against Swansea and thanks to some other results going our way we’ve climbed up to the dizzying heights of 18th.  It’s probably not something to get too excited about really but at least I can watch Match of the Day without being depressed for once!! But not until we’ve played Qwirkle and Pointless.  What a fab evening 😀

Tomorrow we’re going to bake chocolate brownies and chocolate chip cookies.  I’ll try to remember to take some pictures…



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