Baking and bad weather

Sunday morning was spent in the kitchen making yummy treats. Littlesunts and I made these delicious chocolate brownies and also some Hummingbird Bakery chocolate chip cookies. The brownies and the cookies went down very well at my team meeting at work, and Mr.J was very complementary about them too, but I must say I felt very guilty getting Littlesunts who is trying really hard to lose weight to spend the morning baking really unhealthy treats.




We were hoping to go for a little walk somewhere but it was very cold and pretty wet so we stayed warm inside! On the plus side we played Qwirkle again and watched Frozen Plantet so it wasn’t all bad. The aurora borealis and australis shots in the episode we watched were so beautiful. I watched in silent awe (a rare thing for me!) and jealousy. One day I will see them!!!!

I have been a bit naughty and so far haven’t done any piano practise since my lesson. Tsk! But, since I didn’t start anything new I don’t that the gap between my lesson and practising will be as bad. I messed up last night and went to netball too early otherwise I might have been able to squeeze some in before I went. Really annoyingly they were running 20 minutes late too so I ended up wasting about an hour. We lost by quite a bit last night. I played GK for the first half and wasn’t very effective and then WA for the second half where I think I had a more positive influence on our game but still could have done a lot better. Another 6 out of 10 for me. I think I took a little of my frustration out on the drive home by listening to the radio quite loudly and having a good sing-a-long 🙂

Thank goodness for the Kindle app on my iPhone though as that kept me entertained whilst I waited for our game. I’m almost half way through Inheritance now and still enjoying it all. I did manage to finish “Shades of Grey” last night though. I found it easier to put that down that some of the other books I’ve read recently but I suspect that reflects more on the trashy qualities of the other books I’ve been reading really. I’m certainly going to request the next book in the series from the library when it’s released.

Although I really enjoy all my “extra curricular” activities, I flipping love Tuesday nights when I don’t have to do anything! I have more time to cook and eat tea and I can just unwind without rushing around anywhere and I can drink tea without having to worry about it sloshing around when I go running about! Best of all, it’s “How I Met Your Mother” night, which for me equals 20 minutes of laughter 🙂


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