Life Pause

I’ve decided that I don’t need a time turner after all.  What I need is “Life Pause”, like live pause on the Sky+ box but for people, or just me really.  I don’t know how another week has passed as it seems like only yesterday that littlesunts was here.  What is more frustrating though is that I feel like I’ve been sprinting through treacle in terms of getting anything done this week.  My mind is constantly whirring, and I keep going through the “to-do” list and the “must start to plan” list (admittedly this is mostly holiday related!) but the list is only getting longer and not shorter!  This is most unlike me.

I still haven’t started on the mittens for littlesunts, and what’s worse, I have no idea what wool I intended to knit them from.  I haven’t made any progress on my embroidery hoops or the cushion covers either (unless you count ordering more wool today, but I don’t!).  Worst of all, today was the first day since my lesson a week last Friday that I did any piano practise.  Argh!!  I’ve made some progress with Christmas present buying but compared to previous years I am way behind.

I suspect that part of my lack of progress has to be blamed on my addiction to Masterchef Australia.  I love it but there are so many episodes.  The format is very different to our version and just like last year, I’m hooked.  I even cried one evening when the penultimate man, who was best friends with the remaining man, got sent home as it was the end of their bromance.  As if I needed further evidence that I should get a life!

I am pretty sure that the other main reason for my lack of crafting progress/piano practice/completing other tasks on the to do list can be expressed in the form of an equation, as follows:  ‘to-do’ list time = hours in week – essential activities* – hours at work – extracurricular sports *eating, sleeping, showering, etc.  When the actual figures are entered into the equation it resolves as follows:  ‘to-do’ list time = not enough 😦

The only positive I can think of about this week is that I did score a goal at football on Thursday.  This is a very rare occurrence for me as a) I mostly play in defence and b) I’m quite hopeless at shooting accurately.  But, not only did I score the goal, it was quite a good one.  I won the ball in midfield, dribbled down the left wing (I am so hopelessly right-footed it is comical therefore this is also a significant achievement) and then I drove the shot in to the far right hand corner. Boom!  I gave myself 8 out of 10, on the back of a 7.5 out of 10 at hockey the night before so a good sports performance week.

I have Monday off work this week though so I am hoping to make some headway with some of the ‘to do’ list.  Tomorrow we’re going to put the Christmas tree up but other than we have no plans so my plan is to knit, do some piano practice and start reading my latest library book.  I have to say I’m quite excited about that – it’s “Moon over Soho” by Ben Aaronovitch and is a follow up to “Rivers of London’, which really made me laugh and kept me gripped throughout so I have high hopes!


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