Thrummed mitts

It’s been a while since I’ve blogged as it’s been a hectic few weeks. There were lots of delicious and fun Christmas meals to go to and a few last sporting events which meant that the few free evenings I had before Christmas were spent frantically knitting my Christmas gift – thrummed mittens- for Little Sunts.

Initially progress was swift with this achieved in one evening watching Strictly Come Dancing and Merlin:


A couple more evenings resulted in two almost complete mittens – with just the thumbs needed to finish them off:


But disaster struck when I started on the thumb and realised I had only knitted the child’s length đŸ˜¦ This meant I had to undo the tops and knit more. The knitting itself doesn’t take too long but this meant I had to make more thrumbs which was just one extra thing I didn’t have time for.

Here’s where I was on Thursday 22nd December; one longer mitten with no thumb and one short mitten with no thumb an no more thrumbs ready!


So it was a frantic Friday evening of thrumb making, which I finally guilt tripped Mr.J into helping with, knitting the mitten longer and knitting both thumbs (with much thanks to this wonderful tutorial!) and sewing in all the ends and covering the holes from the afterthought thumbs! But I got there in the end and they’re so flipping warm that Little Sunts will have the warmest hands in Lancashire!


So that’s one of the things on the to-do list done but there’s still a lot to go. Hopefully I’ll make some progress on Friday when I have the day off again. I’ve finished reading Inheritance and Moon Over Soho – both of which I’d highly recommend.


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