Eggs benedict

This morning I made eggs benedict for Mr.J. For his birthday (in July!) I gave him a voucher for a cooked breakfast and eggs benedict as he had them when we were in New York on our mini-moon and he really liked it and he decided to cash one in. I did tell him that I’ve never poached an egg or made hollandaise before!

This was the recipe I used. I started by making the hollandaise, which was a little smelly as I had to reduce the white wine vinegar and I was also surprised by how much scum I scooped off the butter.




I started on the sauce itself after that and whisked until I was at risk of RSI but eventually the egg yolks looked like a sabayon so I started adding the melted butter a little bit at a time. Disaster struck on the 3rd ladle when the sauce split though! But I followed the recipe and put the mixture into a fresh bowl and added some cold water and that got it back on track-phew! Back on the heat and a little more butter and it happened again and I almost gave up at his point as it was so runny but I thought I’d try to rescue it before I tipped it away and it worked – woop! After this it was plain sailing, if a little dangerous as I had to use a pasta bowl, as I only have one glass bowl, to use over the heat. It was certainly hot on my fingertips holding the bowl in place and whisking!

One the sauce was done Mr.J arrived and started to help interfere! But with plates warming in the oven, muffins toasting, eggs at the ready and coffee brewing it was time to poach!


The first one looked a bit like a white dementor but by the 3rd and 4th I’d got the hang of the vortex and slide technique!


Then it was time to assemble and enjoy!




I’ve only eaten eggs florentine once but I thought I did OK today. The sauce was tasty and glossy, the eggs were soft and runny and the muffins were nicely toasted. I think Mr.J enjoyed it though and that was the main thing. He ate all of his but I couldn’t finish mine.


All that was left after that was cleaning up!


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