Being giddy

Just a quick post to say what a great time I had on New Years Eve. After a trip to the supermarket I spent the next few hours preparing all the food for the evening. I made spicy tomato soup, pancake cannelloni and pannacotta with raspberry coulis.

The preparation all went really smoothly too. I’d anticipated problems as I was also listening to Rovers v Man Utd so I had to multitask to stir soup, ragu, white sauce and toss pancakes whilst also fervently mentally wishing for Rovers not to get thrashed. Not only did it work but we only flipping won. Amazing result which started the evening off well.

I didn’t take too many pics when I was cooking as I had my hands full but here are a few – in no particular order!






Very randomly I ended up trying on a kind of cocktail dress I wore to Mr.Js work ball back in January 2007. I was pretty sure it wouldn’t fit but since it did I decided just to leave it on and just be glam for the night. Mr.J even put a tie on to wear inside so he didn’t feel left out!



I don’t know if it was the dress, being dressed up, the amazing football result or what, but I was incredibly giddy for most of the evening! After the food we played Qwirkle and Dixit (I’ll have to write a proper game post about this another time though) and Perudo. I loved watching the fireworks from the attic window and the ones in London on TV too!

As usual, Mr.J was swiftly on to a very effective clean up operation which meant that I got to watch Match of the Day before bed! I felt super relaxed today after all the fun. When I say super relaxed, for me this means that my shoulders were not tensed and lifted towards my neck for at least certain moments of the day! But by my own standards, that’s a really good thing and it’s something I’m going to try to achieve more often this year!


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  1. What a lovely NYE it was too 🙂 The food was amazing and I was very happy to take my leftovers home (mmmm cannelloni for breakfast on New Years Day). Thanks again for a great night, we enjoyed the games too Qwerkle was my favourite, not so sure about Dixit (even though I won), I realised that I won Perudo too, it’s very unusual for me to win anything!

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