Back on the tiredness treadmill

It was the first day back at work today after the Christmas/New Year break. I think I was more tired this morning than before the days off. That’s probably due to the many late nights but few lie ins, and the very windy and thus sleepless night but I am fed up of feeling of feeling (and looking) drained. So my first steps to help with this are:
* to be in bed and trying to sleep by 10.30 ( I’m writing this at 10.40 so that’s a first fail!)
* take a multivitamin a day
* drink 2 litres of water a day
* reduce caffeine and sugar (gulp!) intake
* moisturise face – especially wrinkly eyes – at least every night

That’s the plan for now. I’m already totally looking forward to Saturday so I can have a lie in! I may even try and stay in my pyjamas all day as this festive period was so hectic I need a day to just do absolutely nothing!


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