Mini midweek update and Mr.Js foot

Apologies for the lack of blogging.  The weekend was quite hectic as Mr.J sprained his ankle playing football on Friday evening and I did some anonymous blogging elsewhere…..  Mr.Js ankle was even bad enough that he went to the hospital on Saturday but nothing was broken, just very swollen.

This meant I had a busy day doing the housework on Saturday whilst Mr.J rested his foot as much as possible.  I spent a lot of Sunday cutting out felt circles for the garland in the dining room, but unfortunately I took photos on my actual camera so no photos to show for this at the moment but hopefully you’ll get to see the finished article once I’ve sewn it together at least.  I have finally finished all three cushions though – ta da!

Netball was OK this week; we won 18-16 to one of our close rivals and may just stay in league 2, which isn’t something I’m thrilled about really but never mind.  Gave myself 5 out of 10 for this week as I played quite well at times but didn’t really fulfill the main functions of my positions – namely defending. We’ll see what hockey brings tonight – it has to be better than last week when the weather was beyond atrocious!  I’ve been a diligent pupil so far and have managed a little bit of piano every day since Friday which is good, even though I had a 12 hour day yesterday as I had to go to London for work.

Mr.J’s ankle is still pretty swollen and even his toes are bruised 😦 But he’s been hobbling around at work and trying to do stuff around the house even though he should be resting it.  Hopefully it will get better as soon as possible!


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