I’ll probably be deaf in old age…

… but it was worth it.  Last night we saw Explosions in the Sky in Leeds.  They were magnificent and I’m very sad to say that my vocabulary and writing skills are just not up to the job of capturing or conveying their awesomeness (unlike this short review of their most recent album, for example).  But what I can say is that I rhythmically swayed and nodded by head with a grin akin to the Cheshire Cat for their entire performance. 

Don’t ask me why, but their music makes me think of desolate lunat landscapes or exploring the depths of the oceans….I think that I must be making a sub-conscious link to Steve Zissou and the Life Aquatic when they’re in the submarine near the end and the Sigur Ros track Staralfur is played.  I know that their sounds aren’t even all that similar but my brain is weird  The way that each of their songs combine such delicate, crisp, longing notes and build and build and weave and thread themselves into such epic walls of sound is not weird at all though; it is blissful. 

Seeing them live is a whole different experience to listening at home or on my iPod as the sheer volume of sound, especially as each song reaches its peak, is overwhelming and yet it’s still possible to hear each of the parts of the song.  Watching them perform and seeing the skill and energy being driven into each song is also just as worthwhile; at times I was simply in awe of how quickly they were moving their hands and can only imagine what my facial expression looked like as a display of awe and enjoyment.

I had to refrain from raising my hands and jumping up and down like a child when they started playing Yasmin the Light; my favourite track.  There’s no doubt in my mind now that it will be the track I’m taking to the desert island discs night I mentioned previously.  I felt especially lucky as they also played my second and third favourite tracks too.  The only disappointment of the night was the lack of women’s t-shirts on the merch stand as I was hoping to treat myself but alas, it was not to be.  It was still the perfect way to end a less-than perfect day though.


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