Slightly more cheerful Sunday…

… than the rest of the week at least!  I drafted an epic monologue about how down I was feeling earlier this week but it didn’t make it on here for one reason or another but to summarise: most of the last week was pants and I felt pants.  I didn’t do any exercise at all last week either so I think I made things worse for myself too.  However, I feel a little bit more cheerful today as I finished the felt garland for the dining room fireplace – hoorah!

It still needs to be hung but that shouldn’t be a problem now that Mr.J (who is quite tall) is now home.  This was so simple to make and I’m hoping that with better planning I can make themed ones for other times of the year – I’m especially excited for Halloween!!

I’ve seen lots of similar things on etsy but decided that I could make this myself and have exactly the colours I wanted.  After I bought the felt from my local craft shop, I found this really helpful (and very lovely) blog and proceeded to spend most of a lazy Sunday afternoon (some weeks ago!) cutting out the circles.  I used some ink left over from our wedding ‘thank you’ cards and lots of round objects from the house – glue stick lid, tea light case, glass candle holder and a deodorant lid.  Tip:  The tealight case didn’t work so well as it was too malleable and kept getting squished!

The next challenge was sewing them all together.  I got a lovely new sewing machine after Christmas (thanks to my wonderful Grandad and other lovely relatives who gave me money as a gift!) but hadn’t used it until today.  I was a bit daunted as my last two attempts to use second hand machines (with no instructions) had only led to extreme frustration and today didn’t start very well… It took me about 45 minutes to get the thread onto the bobbin but after that it was plain sailing and I really enjoyed it!!

I just had all the felt circles tipped into a heap – regardless of colour or size and randomly picked a circle each time and just kept on sewing.  I’m well chuffed with how it’s turned out too, and a little relieved as for someone like me I did have a tremendously strong urge to use some kind of pattern and I think that’s what Mr.J wanted too.  However, thanks to Trixy I was brave and did what I wanted since I didn’t get my way with the curtains!

It was also a productive day as I spent some more time alone which I honestly think is doing me some good.  I’m definitely less mentally frantic.  And, I took lots of photos of all of my knitted things and finally got my Ravelry account a bit more up to date.  So, I’m all set for a regular week of sport and to get back into happier ways!


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