Out of hibernation

So a loooooooong time ago, before this blog existed, I started making a top for myself. When I say started, that really is all I mean. I ordered the pattern during a half price sale but it took ages to arrive and that has set the the glacial pace of this project ever since!!

I ordered the fabric from eBay, a lovely navy polka dot cotton, and in a spurt of activity a few months after I finally picked up the pattern I spent an enjoyable Saturday morning ironing the pattern and material and cutting out the pattern pieces. And that is where this project has been hibernating ever since. Guests to our house will have seen this as it has been draped over a chair in our spare room for months and months and months….

Part of the reason for this hibernation was my lack of seeing machine, but I fully own up to it also being yet another project I added to my already too big pile! But after I had so much fun using my new sewing machine making the garland last weekend I am now super keen to pick his project up and drag it out of hibernation!! So (whilst watching the football) I’ve been pinning out the pieces and cutting them out. I’m all ready to start sewing at the weekend now – but I wouldn’t have been had it not been for my sewing encyclopaedia book which LittleSunts got me for Christmas as I definitely needed a refresher on a few things!

And, before I show you some naff photos from my phone I’m also pleased to say that after my usual sluggish start to my two-week piano interval, I’ve been a diligent pupil the last few days and have got some practice in and made some progress in the last few days 🙂





    1. I’m not convinced I’ll produce something wearable as yet but we’ll see! The scissors were brilliant though, a very good investment indeed. They are also hidden away to make sure that they are only used for craft purposes!

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