Snowy Saturday

It’s been a busy week again with 3 sporting fixtures and a piano lesson so I was very glad to have a lie in this morning! We watched Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy last night too – I thought it was OK but not amazing; it’s not really my thing and I was in a grumpy mood though.

I’m a lot more cheerful today though. I finally made it to the Wool Baa – a really good yarn shop, if you couldn’t guess by the name, and got some more wool for my Norwegian star hat. It took a while but I rather randomly got into a good rhythm turning it from this skein:


to this ball:


whilst listening to the French and Italian national anthems before the 6 nations rugby started!!

Unfortunately, I’ve done my usual trick with circular knitting and made a couple of failed attempts to get going so hopefully it will be third time lucky. I don’t know what it is but I either get it all twisted or can’t get going. I think I’ll try a different cast on next time as that might help. My original plan for today was to work on seeing my top – but since it’s freeeeeezing outside and has been snowing since lunchtime I thought that the hat was more useful!

I did do some sewing though. I am 100% certain that it must be be the most slap dash piece of sewing ever done, but I took the study curtains up. In about 20 minutes from start to finish. They’re only really cheap and they hang all the way down in front of the radiator, and because I added some
thermal blackout lining it means that most of the heat doesn’t really get into the room. So, I took my new scissors to them – literally just cutting across whilst they were hanging and did the same to the lining. Then I folded the edges over and sewed. No pinning, measuring or any faffing. Amazingly, they’re now just above the radiator!


I’ve also decided that the sewing machine is called Janice. I like naming inanimate objects and I think they like it too and respond to you more nicely when they have a name. It all started with my first car – Jeffrey. He was ace. (Actually he was really slow and old and rusty but I loved him and we had lots of adventures!). I also have Kevin the knife, Will – our latest car and Merlin the magimix so it’s nice to have a lady object now too!

We also had some success getting the new mirror up in the living room though. We lived up to gender stereotypjng as I held the hoover and hoovered the dust whilst Mr.J drilled the holes in the wall. It’s taken 4 years for us to agree what should go above the fireplace though so I wasn’t about to argue about equal
opportunities! Here it is anyway:


Finally, I can’t have a post called
Snowy Saturday and not show some
snow! I don’t think the daffodils and tulips which have already started peeking out are going to like the snow. Fingers crossed the azalea can tough it out too as a much better established one than this one died in the snow last year.


The snow also means the Desert Island Discs night is off tonight so some strangers will have to wait for the pleasure of being introduced to Explosions in the Sky. Hopefully we’ll be able to go out tomorrow as we’re meant to be going out for a yummy breakfast. Fingers crossed!


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