Lost: Fair Isle Virginity

Before I get on with the crafting update, I just want to say that we watched The Ghost last night. It was mostly quite good – faster paced but less subtle than Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy, but what really let it down was Kim Cattrall’s horrendous British accent. It ruined every scene she was in and became rather distracting. But, I digress…

In between a yummy (homemade; too much snow to get out!) breakfast of completely unhealthy American pancakes, and encountering difficulties putting photographs up in the dining room (in future I will ask for confidence intervals on the measurements of frames as the ones we bought varied by about 20% !!!), I’ve been knitting my Norwegian star hat.

I used a knitted cast on this time and finally got going. I’m modifying the pattern and excluding the ear flaps because Mr.J said he would laugh at me. At least he was up front about
it! So, I knit 8 rows of k2p2 rib and 7 rows in stockinette stitch (all knit as I’m working in the round). Which meant it
was time to get some two colour action going and lose my fair isle virginity – wek!!….. (after turning another skein into a ball first obviously, yawn)

A quick look on YouTube revealed all that was needed was to join in the new yarn – a lovely shade of cerise – and keep the ‘floats’ (the strands of the other yarn) at the back of the work. It’s a lot like the tea cosy I’m knitting – the main difference being that the yarn at the back of the tea cosy is pulled tight deliberately to create the rouches (I have no idea if that is spelt correctly, apologies!). I’ve done 2 rows of fair isle so far and decided to quit whilst I’m ahead and before I mess it up! After the second row I added in stitch markers to make it easier to follow where I was on the pattern so that’s my top tip so far.

Here is a rather dark photo of the progress so far…




  1. I’m not sure why it rang a bell about Kim Catrall, but it made me check and she was indeed born in England. Seems her family moved to Canada when she was only three months old but I presume she thinks that still makes her qualified to do an English accent. You could easily have modified your sentence however to read “what really let it down was Kim Cattrall’s horrendous acting” – not that I’ve seen it, I’m just making an educated guess : )

    Also, I had no idea what you meant by “fair isle” but a quick google explained all. Sounds horribly complicated though!

  2. Yay fair isle!!! Something I’m yet to try, looks like you’re making a good start though. I did quite a lot of that shawl yesterday, nearly done!

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