I’m only 7 hours into this cold and somewhat gloomy Tuesday but I’ve just finished my 4th – yes 4th -cup of tea.  Yikes.  I know I’m British but even I think things could be getting out of hand.  I didn’t even want the last cup.  I just drank it out of habit. 

(Needs a wash!)

I recently switched tea bag brands at work; the 80 bags of Cafe Direct (Oxfam) tea bags disappeared in about 50 days – that’s 1.6 tea bags a day.  So far, I’ve used 7 Co-op fairtrade tea bags in less than 3 days – a rate of 3.8 a day, over twice as much as the previous period.  I think there could be a statistically significant difference in the rate of tea consumption but I’ll need more data points to be sure.  

Even if there is a statistically significant difference in the rate of tea consumption, knowing this wouldn’t help me diagnose the cause of the increased consumption.  My gut feeling is that there could be something more addictive in this blend of tea, but there could be many factors in play here folks…..

Having thought about this in my usual way (namely in far far too much detail), I’ve shortlisted some potential factors in order of what I perceive to be their greatest impact.  And, in much the same way as my day job I have little or no quantitative data on any of these factors therefore proper analysis is out of the window.  This is probably a good thing as even I think that blogging about regression would be beyond the realms of non-work related geekery.  Here’s the list anyway.

  • Increased boredom/decreased mental stimulation at work
  • Overall level of grumpyness
  • Lack of quality sleep – I think this is probably correlated to the grumpyness factor though and expect that if data were available this variable would be excluded from any models, or vice versa for grumpyness
  • Decreased calorie intake – I’m trying to avoid snacking and have essentially been using fluids as a supplement for snacks

I’m sure there are other reasons too.  Or, could it be that it’s all just be part of natural performance variation and that I should know better than to compare these poxy averages?!  Although my average tea consumption was 1.6 cups a day over the last 10 weeks, there were surely days when I drank no tea and days when I reached the dizzying heights of 4 cups of those lovely oxidised and tannin-filled Camellia sinensis leaves a day.  I can’t remember them right now, in my tea-addled state, but I’m sure they happened.

So, the question shouldn’t be about if I’m drinking too much tea or if I’ve consumed tea at a greater rate over the last two days, as a) it’s probably not even true and b) nobody cares.  The important thing is that the tea was/is fair trade tea and that any level of tea consumption on this scale is going to result in me requiring the services of a good dentist for teeth whitening!!



  1. Nice mug!! I love your analysis of your tea consumption. I on the other hand, had only two cups of coffee (probably not all consumed) until about 8pm last night! So I had two cups of tea to make up for it but I’m thinking that’s still not enough liquid.

  2. I love tea. Was beginning to have problems sleeping from excessive tea consumption so have swapped for decaf tea bags/herbal fruit teas.

    Although, i’d like to check that the time you spent analysing your tea consumption was done with a cup of tea in hand?

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