I flipping love it. I love it so much that each morning when I wake up, I am heartbroken, sullen and practically inhuman for at least the first 15 minutes of the day, and sometimes for up to an hour, until I can come to terms with the loss of the potential to dream of lovely things and face the stimulation of being conscious.

This week, a friend was surprised to hear that I get about 8 hours sleep a night. Not because I’m like Hulk-ette in the mornings, but because they thought that I loved doing so many things during the day that I might think sleep was a waste of time. As much as I do enjoy most of the things I do during waking hours, I treasure sleep as much as chocolate and that probably puts it up there in my top three things in day-to-day life.

Obviously, sleep is a necessity, but for me, the amount of essential sleep my body needs is pretty different to the amount of sleep I’d like. This week my alarm has woken me up during REM sleep every day. This is quite unusual for me and even though waking up most days feels like being ripped-from-heaven-and-back-to-Earth-Buffy-style, waking up mid-dream is truly horrid. I’ve felt mentally sluggish all week I think it’s related to waking up
in REM sleep. Plus, if it wasn’t for the warm and cosy musical hugs of Amiina, Bon Iver, Polyphonic Spree and Susie Suh I’m not sure I could have got through many mornings this week.

And so, it is because of my love for sleep that I also love Fridays and Saturdays, as I get to go to bed knowing that I can wake up when my body is ready (most of the time anyway) which is blissful!! Once again we have a pretty quiet weekend planned which is great as it means I should be able to get my hat finished! I really need to get it done as not only is it flipping freezing but I need to stop knitting and do some piano practice as I’ve been really naughty and I haven’t practiced once since my lesson!!

I hope it warms up soon and things (sports pitches!) get back to normal though; I definitely need to run around and chase/throw/kick/hit a ball of some kind to blow some of the cobwebs out (although I think the cobwebs are actually knee cartilage or something and that’s why my knees ache – getting older really sucks incidentally). It’s also WI meeting next week and I’ve volunteered to do the blog so be prepared for something a bit different at the back end of next week. Right now though, I’m home from work and have 3 hours until football so it’s time for a power nap!!!


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