Embroidery hoop – part two

It’s been quite a while since I finished the first embroidery hoop but I’ve finally finished number two in the trilogy!

I used a metallic blue thread for the staves:


and then since my fingers were ridiculously sore as a result of using a far too thick and abrasive ‘thread’ I cheated a glued the sequins on!


I really enjoyed football on Friday night. I don’t usually enjoy indoor, 5 a side that much as I’m useless at using and defending with walls to bounce off but it was really fun!! I had a little lie in on Saturday too and felt a bit more refreshed than the rest of the week, but I had a nightmare last night. My hockey team mates had all turned into zombies; I tried to strangle one of them with a skipping rope, it didn’t work but I got away. That’s a bit of a deviation from my usual nightmare of being chased but still broadly within the usual theme I suppose.

Our Saturday night plan to watch France v Ireland was scuppered by the frozen pitch at the Stade de France so we ended up watching Blade Runner (Directors Cut). It’s the first time I’ve seen it – but before anyone comments I wasn’t even born when the original was released – and I thought it was OK. I think it’s really difficult to watch any kind of classic/cult classic so long after the first release as expectations are so high and something which was ground breaking will have been copied and done again so it’s hard to appreciate the originals as much as you should. Plus, the huge shift in the technological capabilities of the film industry can make a lot of older sci-fi stuff in particular look pretty bad now. For what it’s worth, I think Deckard is human. I haven’t read the Philip K Dick book that the film is based on but I might try and get a copy from the library and see what I think then…..



  1. I’m at least gladdened that you know you’ll get comments for saying Bladerunner is just ok. Given your attempts to justify yourself, I’ll let it pass this once without further comment – just never say it again! ; )

    1. It could be the best film ever made but I’d still probably only say it was OK as I’m just not a big fan of anything dystopian. The Matrix and Battle Royale are probably the only dystopian films that I’ve really, really enjoyed. I try to appreciate the high quality nature of this type of film, eg The Road (although I guess that’s more post-apocalyptic than dystopian so perhaps not the best example), but ultimately I like escaping somewhere cheerful! So perhaps I could have said “Brilliant, but just not my thing” instead of OK but I just wasn’t blown away by it.

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