And there goes another week

So I started this post last week and didn’t get it finished but nothing much has changed (how sad!) so I’m using it!

I can’t believe it’s almost Friday already. Once again time has done the weird thing of both dragging on and on during the day and flying by by night. It seems like weeks and only minutes ago that I was about to head out to play indoor football but it was two weeks ago!

It’s been a craft-lite week fortnight. The tea cosy grew by about 1cm and I bought some thread for the third and final embroidery hoop but that’s about it. Piano practice has also been, erm, infrequent. I have done some though and I think I made some headway but I could have done more. Last week was a a mega sports week though. Netball on Monday – we didn’t win but we got a point so that guarantees our position in league 2 for a second season. I did a double header on Wednesday; playing football and hockey. I scored a goal at football – woooohooooooo!! I wasn’t quite as tired as usual at hockey but the lethargy definitely caught up with me on Thursday morning.

This week I’ve been in London on a course so I’ve had no piano to play and I didn’t bring any crafts. I brought a couple of books (Drive and Do androids dream of electric sheep?) but have only made minor progress on Drive as I met up with an old school friend on Tuesday evening (more on that in another post) and with some work friends last night (which is when I spotted Rhys Darby in the pub – still a bit excited about that!) and tonight I wont be home until about 7pm so I’ll have to cram some piano in before my lesson tomorrow.

I’ve got a friendly hockey match tomorrow evening too so I’ll have to be diligent with piano and make sure I embed what I’ve learnt in my lesson by practising on Saturday. I know I’ve said this before but if I leave it a few days then I forget things I’ve covered and I also start to feel guilty about not practicing and then I don’t want to practice and then before I know it two weeks have passed and I haven’t done anything and then I have to do scales in my lesson as I haven’t got anywhere with the pieces!

But, I am determined to go on a decent walk this weekend. We had a 2 hour stroll last Sunday and it was great to get some fresh air but I think we’re going to try and do something more substantial on Saturday. I certainly need it to burn off all the food I’ve eaten this week and to make up for my missed sports! I’m sure I’ll write about our walk (if it happens!) another time though…..


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