Spiel des Jahres Quest: Qwirkle

It wasn’t completely planned but we ended up playing our 3rd game in the Spiel des Jahres quest at the weekend. We played the 2011 winner – Qwirkle. Although it says it’s only for 2-4 players, we played with 5 players without any problems really.


The winner is the person who scores the most points. To score points you have to place tiles down – a bit like scrabble – but the twist is that the tiles are one of 6 shapes and one of 6 colours, eg: blue diamond, yellow square,etc. You can play up to 6 tiles on your turn, but they all have to share the same attribute, eg: all red or all circles. Points are scored or the length of the line created, so one tile added to a line of 3 tiles scores 4 points!

A line can only have one of each ‘thing’ in it. But, when it does have one of everything in it, eg 6 different coloured stars or one of each shape all in one colour, it is a Qwirkle! And making a Qwirkle scores the points you earn for the length of line(s) created plus an extra 6 points!

Mrs. P won but it was close between 1st and 2nd, and 3rd and 4th but there was a bigger gap between 4th and 5th. This could have been as a result of playing with 5 players instead of 4 though. I’m not going to list the scores for each element here as at some point I’m
going to create a separate page on this blog with a full table of all the scores. BUT, it scored 66% overall, broken down like so:

Qwirkle scores


Personally, I was a bit disappointed with this score as I think Qwirkle is a really fun game. Although I like the “German”games, sometimes it can be a bit too serious so Qwirkle is great light relief. It’s pretty quick but you can’t be too strategic since your move is somewhat dependent on the moves of the players before you. The biggest flaw for me is how much luck there is, as so much does depend in the tiles that you draw from the bag….


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  1. I really enjoyed Qwirkle when we played at New Year, was quite easy to get the hang of too (which really says something as I’m useless at getting to grips with new games).

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