Highlights of normality

I feel like I’m a little bit behind with keeping you all informed with the (mundane) day-to-day stuff.  So, here is a quick run down of any highlights from the last couple of weeks…

We’ve caught up with a bunch of friends; this in itself isn’t particularly unusual but the fact that several of these meetings have not been pre-arranged is!  A couple of weekends ago we played games with the SdJ questers,  and after a little stroll near our house on Sunday morning to stretch our legs one of my old PhD friends who was visiting in the neighbourhood tracked us down and came round for a cup of tea and a catch up.  On Saturday we went round to see some other friends and ate some lovely Indian food (thank you!) and tonight a really old school/scout friend of ours is popping in to see us whilst he’s back in the UK.  Apart from the SdJ questers none of that was planned more than a couple of days in advance so there were lots of pleasant surprises, which was very nice!

In  a random news update, I have to say that I wasn’t really feeling it on Friday evening when I left work and I was dreading my piano lesson since I hadn’t been able to practise at all in the last week. I was so tired and grumpy and I really wasn’t looking forward to hockey at 8pm either.  But, piano went quite well really.  Shockingly well in fact, but I did say to my teacher that I wasn’t going to take this as a sign that I shouldn’t do any practise!  As for hockey, I expected that I’d be bumped into midfield (my main position is in defence, but we have a lot of defenders) and I was.  What I wasn’t was enthralled at the prospect of playing left mid on a full size hockey pitch and all the running about that position entailed but I got into it eventually.  I set up a couple of goals and got one myself but I definitely felt the ache in my right glute on Saturday morning!

My best intentions to go for a walk on Saturday went out of the window with my lie in and it was soon 12 o’clock by the time we’d done all the jobs which get left until the weekend.  I ended up spending Saturday afternoon cooking chilli for Sunday and ragu to take to Scotland with us but thanks to Mr.J and Oven Pride we have a really clean oven now!  In between watching Rovers get bull dozed by Man City on Saturday evening I also managed to finish off reading the latest Hollows series book (A Perfect Blood) I can’t wait until the next one comes out already!

Bit of an aside here but I was shocked to notice this was the 10th book in this series (and I’ve read them all) and even more shocked when I started the latest Kelley Armstrong book I’d picked up from the library earlier in the day and realised I’d read 11 other books in that series, plus another 5 books by that author.  I think this is a definite downside of borrowing library books as if I’d had to buy them myself and they were still sat on my shelf this would somehow visually represent a significant amount of time spent reading!  But, I love both series’ and would definitely read them all again.  Mr.J thinks they’re all fantasy trash but I don’t care! 

As well as having a friend visiting this evening, I’ve got netball tonight.  It’s the first match of the new season so I hope we start well!  No major events or activities planned this week though – just hockey on Wednesday and football on Thursday probably.  Then, Friday night will be packing for our week in Scotland.  Only 5 more sleeps until a week off work – woop!!!  Although I am a little worried as I looked at the forecast this morning and it looks like we could have some (wet) snow whilst we’re there.  Hopefully it wont be too cold or wet so that it doesn’t make walking and photography too miserable but we’ll have to wait and see I guess.  If it gets really horrid we’ll just have to stay in the cosy cottage and watch films 🙂


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