Spring has sprung…

… but I have not. If anything, I feel like hibernating! Luckily for me I can do just that as we’re off to a lovely cottage in Scotland. The weather forecast is still terrible but I’m sure that won’t deter us from our planned outdoor activities; but it could make me grumpier during them! I’ll also be packing a few books, some knitting, a couple of board games and the MacBook and I’m looking forward to collecting our Waitrose shop tomorrow morning as it should be full of yummy food!!

I’m feeling more relaxed that I haven’t just run away and abandoned a mess at work though so I’m glad I did that bit of extra work at home last night. I’d probably just have felt guilty and incompetent all week otherwise. So, once I get home tonight (I’m on the train back from a meeting at the moment) my full holiday mode should kick in – woop!!

I can’t remember if I’ve mentioned my shoulder tension stress indicator before or not so I’ll write this like a conversation and repeat myself to be on the safe side! It’s not exactly rocket science though. Basically, pretty much all the time, I have tense shoulder muscles. They’re nearly always taught and hunching up my shoulders. I don’t notice it really as its my default position. BUT, when I’m on holiday and I start to relax I DO notice when they drop and the muscles relax. It usually takes a few days for this to happen so I might not notice this as prominently in a week off as two or three weeks (ha – that would be nice!) but I’ll take what I can get!

Tonight I’ll be packing and wrapping – specifically wrapping birthday presents for Trixy – Happy Birthday!! – and anniversary presents for Mr.J. Obviously I’m not going to reveal what I’ve got him until Tuesday though. According to the list I used he’s on cotton as a 2nd anniversary present. Apparently the list I used is the American list though,as Mr.J is using the British one so I’m getting paper in a reversal of out gifts to each other from last year! After this the lists are the same though I think. I’ll let you know what I get on Tuesday though. Despite my best efforts (aka persistent nagging and questioning) I don’t have a clue what I might be getting but hopefully it’s as good as the Norway shirt he got me last year. No pressure Mr.J!


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