Lots of R and R….

…..where R equals rest, relaxation or rain, but not rambling ūüė¶

As expected, the weather hasn’t been great since Tuesday so we haven’t done any more walks this week which has been a bit of a shame but you can never really guarantee good weather in Scotland any time of the year so we were probably lucky to get two nice days at the beginning of the week! On Tuesday, we took a very scenic drive to Oban. ¬†So scenic, that after about 45 minutes of driving we came to a signpost which showed we were nearer to where we started than where we were going to!! ¬†But, despite the rain, there were plenty of good views from the car. ¬†Naturally, it was still raining in Oban but we strolled up to the McCaig Tower anyway. ¬†It’s a rather odd¬†colosseum-like structure, built out of granite and therefore quite dark. ¬†As it sits at the top of the town, I found it rather imposing and a little oppressive really but that’s just my opinion!

We had a lovely meal out on Tuesday evening to celebrate our anniversary though. ¬†Even though I bought my card for Mr.J from Oxford Street John Lewis, it was also available at home, as I founjd out when I opened my card and we had Anniversary-card snap! ¬†It was a lovely Joe Cornish photograph looking over Loch Katrine, so clearly we both thought it apt given our holiday location. ¬†Mr.J liked the socks and hoodie I got him and the flannel too (although thanks to the fact that his football was cancelled on Friday I haven’t sewn anything on the flannel yet but he knows I am going to). ¬†I loved the present he got me. ¬†It’s a framed drawing of the Botanical Gardens based on a photograph which Mr.J took. ¬†I’m hoping it will fill the empty space in the dining room, partly because I can’t think of anywhere else that it could go….

On Wednesday we went to Stirling, and managed to escape the rain, sleet and snow here for long enough to stroll around the castle there. ¬†There were lots of interesting things to see and I learnt a lot about Scottish history, and there was a great view over Stirling and to the Wallace Monument. ¬†Yesterday, we drove to Rannoch Station and then through Glen Lyon. ¬†It was a little frustrating to be stuck in the car so much but underneath the grey sky, it was still possible to appreciate the beauty of the scenery and the remoteness of it all. ¬†We had thought we might do a short walk from Rannoch station but it was so windy and wet and it was so cloudy that we chickened out as there wasn’t even a scenic reward to be earned given the clouds! ¬†All of the rain has meant that we’ve seen some really good waterfalls though. ¬†The biggest down side for me has been the fact that there was a huge solar flare this week, exactly what I’d hoped for, but thanks to the complete cloud covering not a chance of seeing any aurora. ¬†Boo.

Today we went to Cruachan power station (yeah, so rock and roll!). ¬†It’s a working hydroelectric power station, but most of the workings are hidden in the mountain. ¬†It’s all quite clever really though as they use cheap power produced by ‘traditional’ means (eg: coal, nuclear) to pump water back up to the reservoir at the top, ready to do it all again on demand. ¬†We had lunch out at the real food cafe in Tyndrum before we drove to Glen Etive, which meant driving back to Glen Coe and then along a single track road in a valley parallel to where we walked on Monday which then goes across the back of where we walked on Tuesday (if that makes any sense). ¬†We saw a few deer, lots of waterfalls and some really isolated houses whilst we listened to “I, Partridge: We need to talk about Alan” along the way. ¬†If any Alan Partridge fans haven’t read or listened to the audiobook, I’d highly recommend it.

And so, it’s the end of our holiday now. ¬†We’re almost all packed up and ready for the 5 to 6 hour drive home tomorrow. ¬†By our usual standards, this hasn’t been the most active or jam packed holiday, but it’s been great to have lots of sleep and lots of lie ins and I feel really refreshed. ¬†I’ve read a couple of books and this afternoon I started the third and final embroidery hoop in the musical-embroidery trilogy too. ¬†Mr.J has even managed to finish the first Game of Thrones book – this really is an achievement for him as he only usually manages to read a couple of pages a day!

Coming up next week: netball on Monday, pie night on Tuesday (oh yes! – I’m sure I’ll have to report back on this!), hockey on Wednesday, WI (tea tasting) on Thursday and on Friday I have the pleasure of having a filling drilled out and replaced at lunch time ( :s ), a piano lesson after work and going to a hen do for the weekend in the evening! ¬†Oh and work all week but I’m not going to think about that just yet…..


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