Thank you Jimmy Eat World

First of all, loyal blog followers – apologies for the longer than usual break between posts.  There just hasn’t been any earth-shatteringly wondrous news worth sharing I’m afraid.  Just lots of the same old, same old plus meagre sprinklings of news-worthy life which hadn’t reached a critical mass as yet.  I will come to some of that later, but I first need to share the final piece of the jigsaw which has brought this post into fruition: Jimmy Eat World.

Today was one of those blissful days where I found exactly the right music for my mood and my ‘to-do’ list.  It doesn’t happen often; sometimes I spend ages shuffling through my phone or iPod , listening to podcasts, audiobooks, random songs and artists for a bit but it doesn’t really hit the spot.  But not today, oh no! Clarity, Bleed American, Static Prevails and Futures not only got me through the day, but ended it on a high.  When I left work and turned my earphones right up this brought a smile to my face:

I haven’t listened to much Jimmy in a while and it also brought back loads of awesome memories too – good times!

In a quick recap of the rest of my still busy, but decidedly less productive life, since I last posted I’ve:

  • had two MVPs in a row from netball – MVP not MOTM as we lost both games, so it’s not all good
  • been on an amazingly funny and ache-inducing hen weekend – lots of school sports day style events and fun party games in the evening.  Awesomeness all round.
  • done no crafts at all 😦
  • only done a bit of piano practice
  • started re-reading ‘The Hollows’ series (one down, 11 or 12 to go again!)
  • been umm-ing and ah-ing over whether to buy a kindle – thoughts?
  • had a filling drilled out and re done – that wasn’t fun
  • been to the physio and have been diligently doing my exercises

Apologies for that atrociously written summary; I certainly wont be winning any literary prizes any time soon!  Mr.J and I are off to London this weekend though; no real plans as yet but I’m sure we’ll both be taking our cameras so there may be some photos to share at some point next week.  In the meantime (sorry if I’ve already shared these), Mr.Js Scotland photos are up on his flickr!


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