Easter eggs….

It’s been a while since I posted anything, but that’s mostly because I’m moving towards a ‘quality over quantity’ approach (or at least trying to say something other than list what I’ve been up to!).  In the last couple of weeks I have jotted down a few ideas for blog posts but as usual none of them were really bulky enough for a post of their own and so it is because of Easter, and more specifically the copious amount of hens eggs we have consumed, and not Fiat Ducato vans* or losing* or rating my own sports performances* that I am posting…

We’ve a had a lovely weekend with Mr. and Mrs.J,  and a lot of food!  First up, I need to say a big thank you to Mr. and Mrs.J for all the food they brought as well as the lovely hanging basket, which has brightened up the view from the kitchen sink , and the beautiful orchid – thank you! Unfortunately I was far too busy making and gobbling most of the food to take many photographs but I did start off with good intentions – as you can see below in the construction (I can’t call it cooking really) of these delicious salted caramel chocolate pots.

I also made eggs benedict, quiche lorraine, and this lemon tart, whilst Mr.J did a great job of a Sunday roast with this lovely recipe..  Mr.J read this article this morning and it seems me and Hugh are on a similar wavelength given my Easter meal planning!  We also  went out on Saturday night and enjoyed a really great meal at Silversmiths.  We have eaten so much it feels like Christmas – we are porkers now! And, unfortunately it has rained all day today so our good intentions to go and play tennis didn’t materialise into good doings!  I’ll have to run as much as I can during football and hockey this week.  We did do a 5 mile walk around Chatsworth on Saturday but it wasn’t too strenuous and I don’t think the bit of gardening which we managed was a real calorie burner.  I am pleased that the garden looks a lot tidier now and that Mr.J has finally got his hands dirty – it’s only taken me 4 years to nag persuade him to help with the gardening!

In other, more mundane news, I’ve been on my best behaviour with my physio exercises, even though the latest one is a killer – some weird glute strengthener which hurts but hopefully it will be worth it and my knees will stop aching like an old lady!  I’ve also practised piano every day since my last lesson so I’m feeling virtuous about that at least.  Naturally, that hasn’t left too much time for crafts.  But, I have almost finished the last in my trilogy of embroidery hoops though so look out for the finished article in the next couple of weeks 🙂

* I might still write more about these another time….


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