Pi-a pi-a pi-a-no!

So, I was feeling a little glum earlier this evening.  I have caught Mr.J’s man flu but other than feeling a little under the weather I had no real excuse for being so gloomy so after a couple of episodes of Big Bang Theory still didn’t cheer me up, I dragged myself upstairs to play some piano before my lesson tomorrow.  I’ve not been super diligent in the last week or so but I had ‘front loaded’ my practice after my last lesson so I didn’t feel too bad when I sat down.

And then, after about 5 or 10 minutes of playing the same 8 bars, over and over and over and over at a ridiculously slow speed, something clicked and I managed to get my left and right hand to work together and this small piece of progress really cheered me up.  If you’re interested, the piece I was playing was Ecossaise by Johann Nepomuk Hummel – another pretty basic piece as this tiny child will demonstrate, but that didn’t matter.  I was pleased because I’d achieved something and I guess that’s why people like to learn things.  I shouldn’t be surprised but this as it’s something I know as not only have I watched (and entirely bought into the philosophy of) this brilliant Dan Pink talk, but I even read his book Drive, but I guess I just wanted to share that my minor success made me happy.

I’ve got two other pieces finished off (I hope) and one jazz piece I’ve been stuck on for a while too so hopefully it will be a good lesson tomorrow.  And afterwards, it will be a quick bite to eat before watching Stewart Lee.  And, as if I could be feeling glum when I have all that to look forward to plus a wedding on Saturday too.  What was I thinking earlier?!  Glum – schmum.


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