Millstone Grit

So, we’re two thirds of the way through the May Bank Holiday weekend and so far it’s been rather lovely.  I had a really productive piano lesson on Friday, followed by a lazy evening with Mr.J once he got back from playing football.  Saturday was mostly filled with housework and mundane tasks before we watched Liverpool lose the FA Cup Final to Chelsea but the less said the better.   The day ended on a high though as we were treated to some delicious food with some friends in the evening, along with a game of Carcassone and Boggle.  I didn’t win at either game and my Carcassone tactics were poor but I enjoyed playing anyway and I couldn’t believe it was 1am when I was going to bed as the night went so fast!

It was a somewhat late start today (by my schedule anyway), but after Mr.J finally woke up and packed his camera bag we made it out to the Peak District.  We walked from Cutthroat Bridge along Derwent Edge, taking in the millstone grit formations of the Salt Cellar and the Wheel Stones along the way and finishing by walking back along Ladybower Reservoir.  It was a really nice walk as there wasn’t too much ascent and what ascent there was, was very gradual so that suited me!  Mr.J took a few good shots which you can see here, but this one was my favourite:

All in all we walked just under 10 miles in just under 4 hours including a short break for lunch so it wasn’t bad going overall.  It was a little odd to be sat having lunch on the 6th May and be snowed on (it was very very very light snow which melted almost immediately but that is the only way to describe the precipitation!) but in typical fashion the slightly cool, cloudy weather didn’t preclude Mr.J from getting sunburn still.

Tomorrow we’re off to see The Avengers in IMAX so I’m pretty excited about that as I’ve read some awesome reviews of it.  Then, if there’s time afterwards I have some crafting tasks to finish off (hopefully more on this another time), some research/planning for our big trip to America later this year, piano practice and my physio exercises to do (again, I’ll try and fill you in on my pathetic knees at some point!) but on that note it’s probably bed time!


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