My thoughts on The Avengers

Today we went to see The Avengers in IMAX 3D so I thought I’d break from my usual crafting-based blogging and share my thoughts….

1: It’s FRICKIN’ awesome!
2: The Hulk is AMAZING*
3: Scarlett Johannson is HOT as Black Widow
4: But there should definitely be more female superheroes
5: The baddie silverfish thingies were BAD ASS! Seriously ASTOUNDING attention to detail in all the CGI
6: I love it when I’ve been to where a film is set (“Oooh, I’ve been there” is what I thought as landmarks of CGI new York were demolished)
7: But I’m glad I don’t live in a worldwide metropolis such as New York or London so that in the unlikely event that superheroes, and/or alien bad guys, exist I’ll be safer out of the way in a comparative backwater
8: The Hulk is BRILLIANT
9: Chris Hemsworth is YUMMY as Thor (again)
10: Joss Whedon – what an AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME job!!

To summarise – GO SEE THIS FILM!

* without getting too much into any proper movie review territory, I think my love for The Hulk is proportional to my level of jealousy for the fact that I cannot simply go berserk and screw the consequences!


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