A hard half day’s hike….

We’re having a much needed long weekend this weekend which started with a mostly indulgent day yesterday, with pastries for breakfast and lunch out at Thyme cafe which was delicious.  I say mostly indulgent as we both played football on Friday night and I was totally pooped afterwards.  It was 4 a side game on a silly pitch with walls which means no resting apart from when the ball got hoofed over the fence.  I did achieve this feat from very close range which resulted in me climbing over a wall to retrieve the ball whilst Mr.J, who was on the opposition, chivalrously watched me struggle to climb a 6 foot wall!  Despite this, I still scored a hat trick and my team beat Mr.Js team so I am the winner at chez Jenkinsunts!

When I went to bed last night, I was definitely hoping that Mr.J changed his mind about us walking up Kinder Scout today.  Unfortunately, he had not and that’s exactly what we did.  And, because we only had £4.85 in change, and not the £5 we needed for over 4 hours stay at the car park (!) we had an incentive to get up, round and down in about 3.5 hours.   This is the route we did, tromping up the first 2 miles in an hour, before a more sedate pace along the flat and down Jacob’s ladder! I don’t think we got passed by anyone else walking (or cycling) up or down today and we definitely passed a few groups on our way up to the top which is a definite achievement for me as I find going up hills hard work.  Although it was quite a bit shorter than the walk we did last week, it was a lot more exerting.

Miraculously, despite almost optimal sun burn conditions Mr.J seems to have returned home unscathed!  He also took a few snaps – go check them out on his Flickr!


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