Best. Cake. Ever.

We’ve not done too much this weekend other than relax and enjoy the sunshine  – woop 🙂  

Mr.J set up a multimedia system in the garden, using his laptop and phone so that we could simultaneously watch cricket, the formula 1 qualifying and the league one play off final.  Although, I was mostly listening, rather than watching, as I was knitting some more of my Limestone shawl.  It’s been on the go for almost a year now, but after all the knitting I’ve done this weekend it’s nearly there now.  This is all part of the ‘no new craft projects until the existing ones are done’ mantra I’m currently living by!  For the record, I have the shawl, the tea cosy (yawn), and fixing the flip top mitten into a normal mitten, on the needles and the blue spotty top to finish making/sewing so the list is not too bad anymore anyway 🙂  (Exlcuding the NZ scrapbook as the progress on this is somewhat glacial…)

This morning, we went for a quick stroll around Damflask reservoir before it got too hot (and so that Mr.J could get back in time to watch the cricket) and saw these cute ducklings (photo credit to Mr.J):

Damflask - May 2012-055.JPG

And this evening, we went out for a meal to celebrate my birthday (albeit a few days earlier for logistical reasons) and the arrival of Littlesunts (who will be living with us for a while as she has a job here – yay!). The food was delicious, but the best part of the night, and the whole weekend was this amazeballs cake which Trixy made for me.  Check it out – it tasted as yummy as it looked 😀


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