Crafting progress and other stuff

Last night I finished knitting my Limestone shawlette!! It needs blocking to stretch it a bit and bring out the lovely lace pattern but I’m almost there now and it only took me a year – blush.  What is even better than finishing it, is that I did it with about 10g of wool to spare! I was getting pretty worried as I was on to about the last quarter of the knit on lace edging but there was just enough – yay!

I’ll post some photographs of the blocking when I get on to that (next week most likely) but I was too excited not to share some craft news for once!!

As for other stuff, the weather is still pretty pants so we haven’t been out and about too much this week but that did mean we had a very good reason to go to the cinema and stay dry indoors so we went to see Prometheus on Wednesday.  I suspect this could be a little controversial, but it didn’t quite live up to my expectations but I think this was because my expectations were so high.  I wont go into too much detail as I don’t want to spoil it for anyone, but I expected more scary, jumpy moments and I have to say there were a couple of bits of the story that I just didn’t get the motives for.  I still really enjoyed it though!

Yesterday Mr.J and I also did a test bake for the Seven Hills WI cookbook which is due to be launched at the Sheffield food festival later this year.  We, well, mostly Mr.J actually – made some carrot and ginger cupcakes with some icing with a twist.  They were v.yummy though.  Mr.J took some proper photos of them here but I took some snaps of the cooking process on my phone too!

Yummy cakes!!
Cakes - June 2012-032.JPG


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