Limestone Shawl: Finished!

I think I mentioned that I had almost finished this project and now I properly have!  Thanks to some sound advice from Trixy, I blocked this shawl on Sunday afternoon which involved soaking it in cold water and then squeezing, but not wringing, the water out.  Then I stretched and pinned it out onto a purple towel (in case any colour ran!) on our living room floor carpet to dry, looking a bit like the Bat signal:

and here is what the finished shawl looks like!

Limestone Shawl and cupcakes-032.jpg

Limestone Shawl and cupcakes-031.jpg

Limestone Shawl and cupcakes-013.jpg

I’m really pleased with it and will have to try and take some more photos of it being worn at some point.  I also spent some time on Sunday with the sewing machine and made some progress on the top that I’m making.  As a novice at clothes making I am finding the instructions somewhat minimal so I didn’t get too far but some of the pieces are now stitched together at least!



    1. Thank you! This is actually the first time I’ve blocked anything and I have to say it wasn’t as bad as I’d thought. I’ve added a link to my finished ravelry project now too in case anyone is interested in the yarn info, etc!

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