A long month!

It’s been almost a month since I last posted but it feels like just a few days since I was celebrating completing the limestone shawl. Disappointingly I don’t even have a wealth of craft goodies to share after all this time. I’ve done a bit of knitting so the tea cosy has grown a little – I will take a photo at some point….. I did buy a Collinnette Jitterbug creative pack if that counts as crafting?! It’s very very yum though. Definitely not all colours I’d have chosen myself but I love them all!


I did do a teeny bit of sewing on my top but as a novice clothes maker I got confused with the instructions and have hit a hurdle for the moment. I did break the ‘no new projects’ rule and complete an embroidery hoop for a friends little girl. I did my best embroidery to date, using back stitch for the lettering, making mini bunting with felt and ribbon and using felt to cover the back so it looked neat.

The main reason I haven’t posted or crafted is that I’ve spent most of the last month being very very very hectic at work. And when I’ve not been at work I’ve been releasing my pent up stress (from work!) through sports. I’ve had a couple of MVPs at netball which has been cool, but despite being relegated to a lower league we haven’t started well (2 losses, one win) and are currently bottom 😦 I’ve been more of a regular at football though and getting back into it a bit. At some point soon I will share my ‘analysis’ of my own sports performance ratings which I’ve been trying to keep track of for a while now. Soon….

I am ashamed to say that piano practice and doing my physio exercises for my sore knees have fallen by the wayside. Bad Dr. JenkinSunts. Excuse or not, it’s hard to stay motivated, especially when I’m so exhausted, even when I know it’s in my own interest. I won’t lie and say “I’ll do better from now on” or “From tonight, I’m going to practice and do my exercises every day”. At some point soon, I may feel guilty enough to make a token effort on one or both of them though.

I have been doing some reading though. I’m about a third of the way through this:


So far, I’ve found it really interesting. It’s really well written and researched and there are even a few humorous bits.

Finally, I have managed to squeeze in watching a few films:
* How to train your dragon – LOVED it and totally want my own Toothless – sooooo cute!!!
* Attack the block – fun Brit sci fi
* Whip it – roller derby-tastic. Made me want to put my skates on!

And to end on a positive note – only 5 days at work before we have a week off. Count ’em down!!


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