The lovely “Go Do” by Jonsi graced my ears this morning whilst I was waiting for the tram in the gloomy rain and not only did it cheer me up a little, but it completely reminded me of the avenue of disappearing mountains…..

These bad boys can be seen from State Highway 94 on South Island in New Zealand, on the way to Milford Sound.  They’re obviously not disappearing but because the valley floor is very flat it can appear that way, hence the name. 

But I digress a little as my main intention was to highlight how linked my memories are to music. I could probably recreate most of our three week NZ road trip just by playing specific albums and letting my brain kick in and remember where we were when certain songs were playing.  I even tried to annotate our map with albums so that it would help jog my memory in future but I don’t know if I need it as some things just seem stuck in my head!  I’m certainly very pleased that we (I!) chose “Go Do” as the music for our drive to Milford Sound though.  It was a lovely, happy, sunny afternoon and the views were amazing….sigh!!


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