So, I haven’t ever really posted in too much detail about sport on here as I see this as more of a place for my day-to-day stuff and crafts stuff but I just can’t hold back anymore.  I love sport.  I love watching it and I love playing it.  I can’t quite find the right words to express how excited I am about the Olympics at the moment as I just love all the sport so much!  (Aside from my love of sport, you just can’t help but feel good every time you see someone getting a medal and smiling from ear to ear and jumping up and down!)

We watched the Olympics opening ceremony whilst we were on holiday in Wales and although I missed some of the earlier stuff, what I saw was brilliant.  And that’s without even thinking about the fireworks. Awe-some.  I watched my first ever Handball game on Saturday ngiht after we’d got home.  It was a women’s match – France v Norway (Norway being one of my ‘adopted’ countries as I love Morten Gamst Pedersen, and he’s from Norway).  Naturally, I was cheering on Norway and was very excited indeed when they were just one goal behind with a free throw and one second to go to tie the match! Sadly, they didn’t score and lost but it was a group game, as opposed to a knock out game. But, aside from the excitement of that match, I was amazed by how exciting handball is to watch and I was overcome with a desire to play!  So much so that I dreamt of playing handball that night!! From what I’ve seen on TV, it looks as though it captures all of the things I enjoy from netball, hockey and football – perfect.  I’m currently on the hunt to see if I can give it a go locally!

Although I am posting about sports, I have to report that I’ve still not got my own personal sports analysis sorted out just yet.  Basically, I’ve been trying to give myself a mark out of 10 each time I play a sport, with 10 being my absolute best performance for that sport.  Clearly, it’s not very easy to judge myself fairly, especially as my expectations of my own ‘best performance’ change over time, but I couldn’t think of another way to measure myself really.  I’ve been keeping track since the end of November last year so I should have enough data to look for some trends by now so if I ever get around to it I may try and do some ‘proper’ analysis, or at the very least make a chart.  I’ve had a few MOTM awards in netball in recent weeks which are very nice to receive indeed; although I have to say I wouldn’t award them to myself based on my own judgement of my performance compared to other people on my team so perhaps that shows an obvious flaw in my scoring system!

I’ve recently had a sports splurge too.  I’ve bought:

  • new running trainers – I got my current ones back in 2009 so I think they were due to be replaced
  • netball trainers –  not sure these are entirely necessary but it will be better for the courts as the new ones are non-marking soles!
  • hockey boots – I’ve been playing in my football boots for the last two years and after a few hits to the feet recently I gave in when I saw some relatively cheap boots in my size
  • a new hockey stick – I’ve been saying I needed a new stick for about two years so since I was paying postage for the hockey boots I bought a new stick at the same time.  I was  bit reluctant to buy a stick online but then I figured I bought this last one online and I’m really not that good that it will make a difference anyway.  Just one that hasn’t worn away so much would help!

I may even try and take some snaps on my phone of me wearing all my snazzy new footwear!!

It’s Friday night now though and I’m all set up to watch Olympic tennis (Come on Andy!!!!) and swimming this evening.  We may also go to watch a day of the England v South Africa test at Headingley if the weather forecast looks OK for Sunday.  It’s not looking good at the moment though so it could be a day to do some holiday preparation.  For those of you who don’t follow my other blog – it’s just three weeks to go until our big road trip in the US of A!


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