A quick geek-chic project

So, just before our big road trip, LittleSunts showed me a jumper she’d seen online that she liked. It was just a plain sweatshirt with “I LIKE CATS” on it. I only saw a small thumbnail of it but I thought “We could definitely replicate that”. And this weekend, we did! I should have taken more photos along the way but I was too busy eating pick and mix! Here’s what we did though

1: Buy jumper of your choice. LittleSunts chose a plain grape coloured sweatshirt from Primark. Bargain.

2: Print out a stencil. We opted for “i love cats” in a handwriting font. We started at font size 280 but this was a bit big so we tried 230 and that was perfect. My top tip to save ink is to use the word art function and fill the text with white but have a black outline.

3: Cut out stencil

4: Pin stencil onto felt or material of your choice for the lettering. LittleSunts picked a jade felt from my stash.

5: Trace the outline with a marker or felt tip. I really need to get a better pen for this!

6: Cut out the letters.

7: Pin lettering onto the jumper. We did this with LittleSunts wearing the jumper so we could see how it sat on her. This was a little tricky as LittleSunts is ticklish!

8: Using a magazine to protect the carpet, and another magazine between the front and back of the jumper, I carefully glued the letters down. Ta da!

Note the pick and mix (yum!) and also my creative use of some starry ribbon (which we wrapped around our wedding cake) to make the ‘dot’ above the I. It took us about 2 hours to do all if this, at a leisurely pace to ensure plenty of time to eat our treats 🙂

9: Hand sew around the edges of the letters. I used a simple running stitch and it’s by no means super neat but I think this adds to the homemadey-ness. I used some tapestry thread I had leftover from another project and split the 6 threads into just 2 to get he right thickness.

This took me about 3 hours in total but I’m not the speediest and I was perfectly able to watch TV at the same time so it wasn’t too taxing!

10: Here’s the finished item!



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