Spiel des Jahres: Zooloretto and Dixit

This might have to be a very quick post as I’m very cold and also rather grumpy, but after a rather long hiatus we played not one, but two, Spiel des Jahres winners last night.

The first was Zooloretto, the 2007 winner, which I thought was a very good game; it wasn’t too complicated, it was pretty quick and I can definitely see how I could get more into it with a few more games.  I think there are a handful of pretty well regarded expansions for this gane too so I guess there’s room to take it a bit further if it did become stale at all.  I will freely admit that I was also very grumpy about this last night as I was losing badly, but although everyone may think it’s because I hate losing it’s more because I am a champion of fairness!! But let’s leave that discussion for another time or we’ll never get to the scores…

Zooloretoo scores

Converting this to a percentage, and as you’ll see from the current table, it’s currently the highest rated game so far at 76%.

And, after Zooloretto we played Dixit – the 2010 winner.  It’s fair to see that this isn’t very popular amongst us.  Mr and Mrs P have played it and weren’t huge fans, although Mr. J and me quite liked it as a bit of a change from the other games we’ve played.  Mr. S was definitely in the former group though.  I won’t go into the details on how it works, as I haven’t done that for Zooloretto either and I’m sure if you’re interested you can read about both on boardgamegeek or other sites anyway.  The scores probably wont surprise you too much after that intro, but here they are anyway:

Dixit scores

So, Dixit scores just 60%.  I think the score is a bit harsh really as it’s just not a game that suits our preferences, and the fact that we score Strategy out of 15 probably reflects that bu there you go!

And, finally for good measure here are the winners – Mr.P won Zooloretto and Mr.J won Dixit.

Zooloretto winner

Dixit winner


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