Christmas craft gifts….

So, a while ago I said I had a couple of knitting projects on the go which I couldn’t share as they were Christmas gifts.  Well, now that they’ve been given I can reveal them to you…

The first was a very quick knit – the Gap tastic cowl which I knit in Lion Brand Wool Ease chunky in black.  Unfortunately I only have some pictures of this on my phone and as the cowl is black and I have a retro iPhone the photo is pretty much a black blob but I have asked the recipient to take a photo with it being modelled so if I get one I will add it here, until then these will have to suffice:


Gap tastic cowl

The main thing to note is that it was very well received and I think it will keep Hayley completely toasty and snuggly warm for a while!

The second project was a little bit more stressful as I am rather inept at knitting lace and due to the sheer number of social occasions which were happening all through December there was very limited time to knit.  Nevertheless I did decide to cast on the wonderfully pretty Ishbel shawl for my Mother In Law.  I spent a few evenings just choosing the yarn but eventually opted for the (in my opinion) gorgeous Dream in Color Starry in Deep Lagoon.

Initially, progress was good for the stockinette portion but as I anticipated I messed up the lace pattern.  Then it sat for a good week or so as I just couldn’t face trying to fix it.  But, time was pressing so I was brave and I delved into the project bag and continued.  Ultimately I did mess up the LHS of the lace pattern but the right hand side was mistake free!!  And, if you don’t look too closely it’s not that noticeable.  I will confess to running around the living room in circles with it held aloft like a cape and making Mr.J play some celebratory music as it definitely felt like a mission to finish it in the end!  I think it was worth it though and I think my mother in law really liked it too 🙂

Close Up Shawl Close up Shawl tail LHS hawlEdges

Despite this being quite an effort I am thinking of making myself one to go with a dress I’m planning to wear to a few weddings next year.  The first is at the beginning of May so if I start now I might get it done in time!!

LittleSunts and I also made some Christmas related origami too.  We made a couple a penguin, christmas tree and a bird each which doubled up as place names for the table on Christmas day!  I took some snaps on my phone so the quality is poor but hopefully you get the drift (note the use of Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince as something hard to lean on!):

Tree Penguin Bird

The crafts will continue in the New Year as I got lots of quilting things – a rotary cutter, a cutting board, a marker pen, shape templates and a squaring template – and most importantly, some fat quarters!!  Specifically this one and this one from Emma’s fabrics courtesy of Mr.J.  I’m planning to use the lovely Sew Katie Did tutorial when I get brave enough to start this but I think I may even get some other material first to do some practising with first before I use the lovely stuff which  Mr.J bought.

I also got this ace book – Knit Your Own Cat and as these fun little felines are quite small even I think I can squeeze some of these in at some point next year.  For now, it’s piano practice time.  Don’t worry – I’m going to put my headphones on.

Happy New Year too!!!


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