Spiel des Jahres: Railway Rivals

Just a quick post to give some feedback on Railway Rivals – the 1984 Spiel des Jahres winner, which we played last night.  It was the third time that Mr. J and I had played it (although the second time we got bored and gave up before we finished) so we had a good idea how long it would take.  It’s definitely not a short one – lasting just over 3 hours, including the 30 minutes to go through the rules and instructions at the beginning.  Overall, we all enjoyed it but compared to some of the other games we’ve already played, it does have some flaws; mostly that there can be parts of the game where you’re not really doing anything and since it’s not a quick game that is definitely a bad thing!

One of the issues which came up (again) was the dice rolls, specially that we’re all quite interested to know if anyone has had a bad run of luck with rolling.  I did a quick Google during one of my quiet periods of the game and didn’t find anything online which did exactly what we wanted so I think I might write some VBA and so something basic in Excel.  I spent 30 minutes earlier and made good progress so hopefully we can test it out on our next game.

Here are the scores  for Railway Rivals and a picture of the winner (Mr. P) with the box.

Railway Rivals

Railway Rivals winner


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