Skiing :)


This week we have mostly been skiing in the Portes du Soleil ski area in the French Alps.  It was pretty awesome.  For the first 3 days, we had lovely blue skies and sunshine and even though it was half term the pistes weren’t too busy and the lift queues were tolerable.  Check it out (above).

It was a bit cloudy on the 4th day, and then snowy and cold on the 5th and 6th day and I will admit I was a bit grumpy on day 6 because I got cold but I suspect I was being pretty nesh.  The upside of the snow was that I saw some beautiful snowflakes!!  When it snows here it just looks like big, fat wet blobs but the snowflakes up in the mountains looked like the ones you get on Christmas cards – I was mesmerised!

As for the skiing, I was pushed to the edge of my comfort zone thanks to my 12 year old cousin who decided that the Red ‘Snowcross “piste”‘ would be fun and with a few tips and pointers from my lovely Aunty I made it down the enormous field of moguls!  I did absolutely stack it on the first one but it was nice and soft so no harm done this year!  I’m not sure I looked at all elegant or graceful but they’re not words usually associated with me anyway so that’s fine by me!  I’m not sure that this photo does it justice but as you can see I made it down here:


I felt like I improved a little bit this year – I had some constructive comments from my Uncle and I think I managed to put them into practice and iron out a few bad habits which (sadly), I do find quite pleasing.  Mr.J also got a new nickname – Treebeard – whilst we were there, due in part to his outfit choice of brown salopettes and a brown top which made him look like a tree and also because of how slowly he answers any questions.  Very apt if you ask me!  I didn’t get any Harry Potter-related nicknames as a result of my ski helmet-pimping but I did have to explain why I hadn’t simply opted for an ‘L’ on the front – as if I want to look like either a learner or a loser!  And, my Hazza P lightning scar rocked.


We had loads of fun in the evenings too – playing Articulate and Bananagrams and eating epic amounts of cake and custard to make sure we had enough energy for the next day 😉

After all the skiing, I wasn’t up to ParkRun on Saturday but I did volunteer and marshalled to make sure no one went the wrong way but hopefully I’ll be doing ParkRun number 2 this Saturday.  It’s all back to normal now though;   netball tomorrow, and since we won our last game by more than the other team facing relegation, we’ve stayed in Division 1 and our batttle for survival will recommence!  I’ve got a piano lesson on Tuesday and although I’ve still not nailed the Chopin, I’ve definitely made some progress so I’m happy with that.  The silver lining of being on holiday means there’s a few TV programmes to catch up on though so I’m off to watch them!


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