A quickie on quilting and other weekend highlights…

So, the last week at work has been a bit stressful.  I’ve tried to switch off in the evenings and keep things in perspective; I’m not sure I really succeeded but just being aware that there are far more people with bigger worries than me seems like a sensible start.

Piano practise has suffered as a result though as I’ve been really wiped out but I’ve got today and tomorrow to do some cramming!  Despite my bestest intentions I didn’t make parkrun this week; I did my second run last week and I was hoping to make it for my first consecutive run this week but when I got out of bed on Saturday morning my hamstrings disagreed with that plan.  I didn’t wear a pedometer but I’m pretty confident I did a lot more than 5K during the hockey match I played in on Friday night and the majority of it comprised of 100m sprints up and down the wing.  Instead of running around in the park, I ran around the house with the hoover and a duster instead so that has to count for something good right?  Admittedly this was because a friend was visiting!

After they left I spent about 2 and a half hours working on my t-shirt quilt.  I don’t think I’ve mentioned this as yet but I started it a while ago.  I have a few pictures but I’ll wait until I have a finished quilt to share them all so be prepared to be patient!!!  I now have 4 strips of squares though as opposed to a pile of squares…

I finished my lovely Saturday off with a cultured evening listening to the Hallam Simfonia play some Britten, Schumann and Beethoven.  The Schumann piece was for 4 horns which sounded great as it’s not something you hear too often and the Beethoven was Symphony number 1 which was very enjoyable.  It was snowing a little when I drove home but it hasn’t stuck although it’s trying again now.

Today has been epically lazy; we had american pancake brunch (yummmmm) and we’ve booked some hotels for our trip to Norway this summer so that’s something really good to look forward to.  Unfortunately, I’m currently enduring watching Blackburn Rovers’ abysmal performance against Milwall in the FA Cup so I shall depart and concentrate my efforts on the second half….


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