Where did March go?

Keeping with recent tradition, I’m going to go with (a shortened version of) my tried and tested blog post formula.

Gosh, it’s been ages since I posted.  I’ve been busy doing some stuff.  But, none of it was really interesting enough to write about in much detail so I’ll just give you a brief overview in bullet point format.

  1. Work.  There was a budget on 2oth March which took a lot of time and effort from me, and no doubt many others.  This will be an ongoing excuse for lack of blogging until the Spending Review at the end of June. Yay.
  2. Work.  No, seriously.  It wasn’t that bad!
  3. Being freeeeezing cold.  It snowed again about 10 days ago and there are still patches of snow here and there which reflects the unseasonably cold temperatures we’ve been having.
  4. Boring house stuff.  Really not exciting at all for anyone else but we needed to have some roof repairs so we also had a new Velux window put into our spare room at the same time.  I don’t know why but these things just seem to suck time up; chasing tradesman and doing bits of cleaning and stuff.  The scaffolding is still up so that’s something else to chase still!
  5. Knitting.  I’ve just finished another GAP-tastic cowl for my cousin Alice.  It’s a few weeks late for her birthday but it’s still so cold that I hope she’ll appreciate it!  I also did most of it whilst listening to the radio 4 adaptation of Neverwhere so can’t complain about that as it was great.  I’ve only read the book once and it was a while ago so although the general story was familiar it was still good to hear it dramatised.
  6. WI stuff.  March was a busy month for SHWI stuff for me as we had our committee meeting, a fantastic event for International Women’s Day and our regular monthly meeting where we made jam jar pincushions.  Hopefully I’ll be able to put mine to good use when I get around to doing more quilting!
  7. Spots Birthday Party’ at the Lyceum.  Yep.  Didn’t really think I’d ever be saying that but I did some last minute babysitting for a friend’s lovely little girl and we went to see it.  She seemed to have a great time and it was certainly a change for me!
  8. Piano practice.  Erm, not so much of this but that’s partly because the digital piano became even more temperamental and refused to turn on.  It is now fixed so I have no more excuses but I have to say that spending a couple of hours with Mr.J taking it apart and trying to see if we could fix it has somewhat sapped my motivation.  My next lesson is on the 16th though so I need to crack on.
  9. Reading.  I’m ploughing through the Morganville Vampires series.  Yes, it’s for teenagers but I don’t care – it’s ridiculously easy to read and that’s what I like; total switch off and mindlessness!  I do have World War Z to read and I’m about 20% of the way through ‘The 100 year old man who climbed out of the window’ too so it’s not all trash.
  10. Baking.  I’ve done a few bits and bobs in the last few weeks, including:
  • Flapjack– I dipped mine in melted dark chocolate too!
  • American pancake brunch – this was for Trixy and G, and Mr. J and was a warm up before we watched the (rather boring) Australian GP

American pancake brunch

  • Hummingbird Bakery lemon loaf – v. delicious!  Intended to take this to the SHWI International Women’s Day event but I didn’t have a suitable tin and my attempt to a slice the loaf into nice slices was poor at best.  Sadly, this meant that me and Mr.J just had to eat this at home…
  • Anzac biscuits – This was the first time I’ve made these but I’ll definitely make them again.  Sooo easy to make and very yummy too.  I made them for Mr.Js parents (and us) for their visit at Easter.
  • White chocolate creme brûlée.  Yum. Yum. Yum!! I love creme brûlée and have made it a few times but this was the first time I’ve done anything but a ‘plain’ version.  We had this after roast chicken on Easter Sunday and it seemed to go down pretty well.  I actually got 7 out of the recipe which meant there were 3 leftover; 2 for me and Mr.J yesterday but we’re gonna have to fight for the last one!!

And that was March.  Hopefully April will be just as fun!  There’s certainly lots to look forward to with a hen weekend, seeing friends, another hen do, seeing Ludovico Einaudi, SHWI, netball (4 wins in a row and top of the league at the moment!), hockey, and knitting (I’m going to cast on some socks this afternoon).


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